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......@@ -56,11 +56,10 @@
" <br>\n",
" <br>\n",
" In general, git forces users to be deliberate about how they change files and tracks all changes people make to files. A change to a file in git is called a <i>commit</i>. With every commit, git also requires you to write a message about the change you are making called a <i>commit message</i>. Every commit and commit message helps explain what happened between each version of the same file. Everyone with access to the file can see every commit and commit message, as well as download or revert to old versions of the file at any time. Git also enables users to <i>pull</i> other people's changes into their files, or update files with newer versions. \n",
" <br><br>\n",
" <br>\n",
" <h3>Diffs</h3>\n",
" Git also automatically produces an output called a <i>diff</i> that shows the line-by-line edits made in each commit. Diffs pinpoint the exact differences between file versions and provide a powerful way to understand version details and commit messages left by users. \n",
" <br>\n",
" <br> \n",
"Below is an example of a diff showing changes someone made to a text file called This diff shows us the line was <font color='red'> deleted </font> and the line was <font color='green'> added </font>. Notice how this diff identifies only the exact part of the line that changed, as the \"<b>ing</b>\" stays the same between commits!\n",
" </font>\n",
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