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Commit 5493dac2 authored by Brutzman, Don's avatar Brutzman, Don

mission alternative without human supervision

parent 08e082a0
;This code written in ANSI Common Lisp, Allegro 10.1 enhancement, from Franz, Inc., by
;Prof. Robert B. McGhee ( at the Naval Postgraduate School,
;Monterey, CA 93943. Date of latest update: 16 August 2020.
;Comment1: As of the time of this writing, the default Allegro IDE editor window print
;font is oversized, and does not print a full-width copy of the IDE Debug or Editor
;windows. To fix this, go to the top of the Allegro opening screen and click "Tools".
;Then, from the drop-down menu, select "Options". Next, on the resulting "Options"
;pop-up screen, select, "Fonts". Then click on "Editor Printouts". When a window pops up
;asking "Revert to the default fixed-width font?", answer "No". A "Font" window will
;pop up. In this window, scroll down fonts to "Courier New". Scroll "Print Size" to "8".
;Click "OK" at bottom of this window, and it will disappear. Finally, click "OK" in
;"Options" window, and it too will disappear. The result of all this manipulation will
;be that clicking "Print" on the drop-down menu from the "File" tab of the IDE opening
;screen will print an exact copy of what you see on the IDE editor or debug windows.
;You will be glad you did all this.
;Comment2: The reason that "Courier New" is recommended above is that it is a "fixed-
;width" font. This means that when Lisp code is viewed on screen or in a printout,
;characters, especially parentheses, line up vertically, facilitating human
;Comment3: This code facilitates human-robot cooperation and involves three entities. At
;the top level, the "mission commander" is always human, at least at this point in the
;evolution of RBM software. The "mission controller" is usually assumed to be electronic,
;but could be a human "executive officer" in the case of a manned vehicle. The mission
;agent is always a vehicle. If the vehicle has an onboard computer incorporating the
;mission controller, then the vehicle is a robot. If not, it is an "ROV" (remotely operated vehicle).
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Begin Universal Mission Execution Engine;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(defclass mission-phase ()
((command :accessor command)
(successor-list :accessor successor-list)));Elements are (outcome next-phase).
(defclass mission-execution-engine ()
((external-agent-response :accessor external-agent-response :initform nil)
(previous-execution-phase :accessor previous-execution-phase :initform nil)
(current-execution-phase :accessor current-execution-phase :initform 'phase1)
(successor-list-index :accessor successor-list-index :initform 0)))
(defmethod initialize-phase ((phase mission-phase) new-command new-successor-list)
(setf (command phase) new-command
(successor-list phase) new-successor-list))
(defmethod issue-command ((MEE mission-execution-engine))
(let* ((phase (current-execution-phase MEE))
(new-command (command (eval phase))))
(issue-order new-command)))
(defmethod ask-result ((MEE mission-execution-engine))
(let* ((result (ask-outcome)))
(setf (external-agent-response MEE) result)))
(defmethod set-next-phase ((MEE mission-execution-engine))
(let* ((phase (current-execution-phase MEE))
(new-successor-list (successor-list (eval phase)))
(new-index (successor-list-index MEE))
(next-phase (second (nth new-index new-successor-list))))
(setf (previous-execution-phase MEE) phase (current-execution-phase MEE) next-phase)))
(defmethod set-successor-list-index ((MEE mission-execution-engine))
(let* ((index (convert-outcome-to-index (external-agent-response MEE))))
(setf (successor-list-index MEE) index)))
(defvar mission-controller (make-instance 'mission-execution-engine))
(defun execute-phase ()
(issue-command mission-controller)
(ask-result mission-controller)
(set-successor-list-index mission-controller)
(set-next-phase mission-controller))
(defun execute-terminal-phase ()
(issue-command mission-controller))
(defun create-mission-orders ()
(setf (current-execution-phase mission-controller) 'phase1))
(defun issue-order (command)
(format t "~A" command)
(defun ask-outcome ()
(format t "Did goal succeed (s), fail (f), or abort (x)?")
(let ((value (read)))
(if (member value '(s f x))
(defun run ()
(defun rerun (new-start-phase)
(setf (current-execution-phase mission-controller) new-start-phase)
(defun convert-outcome-to-index (x)
(cond ((equal x 's) 0)
((equal x 'f) 1)
((equal x 'x) 2)))
(defvar terminal-phase-list nil)
(defun execute-mission ()
(cond ((member (current-execution-phase mission-controller) terminal-phase-list) (execute-terminal-phase))
(t (execute-phase)(execute-mission))))
(defun repeat ()
(rerun (previous-execution-phase mission-controller)))
(defun refine-last-command ()
(let* ((previous-phase (previous-execution-phase mission-controller)))
(cond ((equal previous-phase 'phase1) (rerun 'phase1.1)))))
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;End Universal Mission Execution Engine;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Begin 8-phase Sailor Overboard Mission Orders;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(defvar phase1 (make-instance 'mission-phase))
(defvar phase1.1 (make-instance 'mission-phase))
(defvar phase1.2 (make-instance 'mission-phase))
(defvar phase1.3 (make-instance 'mission-phase))
(defvar phase2 (make-instance 'mission-phase))
(defvar phase3 (make-instance 'mission-phase))
(defvar phase4 (make-instance 'mission-phase))
(defvar phase5 (make-instance 'mission-phase))
(defvar phase6 (make-instance 'mission-phase))
(defvar phase7 (make-instance 'mission-phase))
(defvar phase8 (make-instance 'mission-phase))
(defun initialize-mission ()
(setf terminal-phase-list '(phase6 phase7 phase8))
(initialize-phase phase1.1 "Choose Tube and Launch!"
'(("Success." phase1.2) ("Failed." phase8) ("Exception." phase8)))
(initialize-phase phase1.2 "Enter Water and Get GPS Fix!"
'(("Success." phase1.3) ("Failed." phase8) ("Exception." phase8)))
(initialize-phase phase1.3 "Descend to Search Depth!"
'(("Success." phase2) ("Failed." phase8) ("Exception." phase8)))
(initialize-phase phase1 "Deploy!"
'(("Success." phase2) ("Failed." phase5) ("Exception." phase5)))
(initialize-phase phase2 "Rendezvous with Sailor!"
'(("Success." phase4) ("Failed." phase3) ("Exception." phase5)))
(initialize-phase phase3 "Search for Sailor!"
'(("Success." phase4) ("Failed." phase5) ("Exception." phase5)))
(initialize-phase phase4 "Track Sailor Afloat Until Safe!"
'(("Success." phase5) ("Failed." phase5) ("Exception." phase5)))
(initialize-phase phase5 "Proceed to recovery!"
'(("Success." phase6) ("Failed." phase7) ("Exception." phase8)))
(initialize-phase phase6 "Halt and prepare for recovery!" nil)
(initialize-phase phase7 "Halt and deploy recovery beacon!" nil)
(initialize-phase phase8 "Halt and await further orders!" nil))
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;End 8-phase Sailor Overboard Mission Orders;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
; Fast loading C:\acl10.1express-new\2020 Code\SOB 11-20-19 Flowgraph 2020 8-state.fasl
CG-USER(1): (run)
Did goal succeed (s), fail (f), or abort (x)?s
Rendezvous with Sailor!
Did goal succeed (s), fail (f), or abort (x)?s
Track Sailor Afloat Until Safe!
Did goal succeed (s), fail (f), or abort (x)?s
Proceed to recovery!
Did goal succeed (s), fail (f), or abort (x)?s
Halt and prepare for recovery!
CG-USER(2): (run)
Did goal succeed (s), fail (f), or abort (x)?x
Proceed to recovery!
Did goal succeed (s), fail (f), or abort (x)?s
Halt and prepare for recovery!
CG-USER(3): (repeat)
Proceed to recovery!
Did goal succeed (s), fail (f), or abort (x)?f
Halt and deploy recovery beacon!
CG-USER(4): (refine-last-command)
\ No newline at end of file
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