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Commit 23a4f097 authored by Brutzman, Don's avatar Brutzman, Don
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updated catalog following improved Xj3D image capture and http -> https

parent 7463ae06
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
<!DOCTYPE ContentCatalog
<ContentCatalog creationDate='3/4/2020' helpPage='X3dResources.html' name='Savage' title='Savage'
<ContentCatalog creationDate='3/15/2020' helpPage='X3dResources.html' name='Savage' title='Savage'
<meta content='ContentCatalogBuilder' name='generator'/>
<Section name='AircraftFixedWing' title='Aircraft Fixed Wing'>
......@@ -4292,8 +4292,8 @@
fileName='NecVerticalYagi3Element.x3d._VP_Default_viewpoint.png' found='true'/>
<Page created='2 February 2018' creator='Sungmin Kwon and Don Brutzman'
description='Visualization of Radar System Simualtion: Rotary Bowtie Antenna with 1GHz frequency Radar.'
modified='20 October 2019' name='RadarBeamX3dVisualization'
description='Visualization of Radar System Simulation: Rotary Bowtie Antenna with 1GHz frequency Radar.'
modified='5 March 2020' name='RadarBeamX3dVisualization'
title='Radar Beam X3D Visualization'
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