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# NPS USVI GitLab Overview
This is a data and code repository of the NPS USVI GitLab. Please read below for more information about this project, its purpose, participants, and files.
**Table of Contents**
## Purpose and Goals
GitLab is an online, collaborative space for sharing and developing data and code. The NPS USVI GitLab was created to support US Virgin Islands Territorial stakeholders efforts to aggregate and develop new geospatial data and analyses for infrastructure and utility providers.
**The three goals for developing new USVI data and analyses are**:
1. guide Federal spending for Territorial recovery from the 2017 Hurricanes Irma and Maria,
2. improve operations and management of USVI infrastructure systems, and,
3. identify mitigation options for future disasters.
This platform supports these goals with distributed version control that enables many users to develop data and code simultaneously. Eventually, all data and analyses will be transitioned to their respective Territorial and Federal stakeholders.
**What this is**
- This is a **collaborative space** meant for sharing and technical support. All users with access to this repository can access anyone's branches and files in development.
- Data and analyses shared here are **in development**. We are always working to have the best data and analyses we can. However, data should not assumed to be authoritative, even if it is on a master branch. 
- This project exists **in support of USVI Territorial stakeholders**, with emphasis on government agencies and utilities that are eligible for Federal disaster relief, recovery, and mitigation funding.
**What this is NOT**\
This is not the "official" data source for the USVI. Nor is it where full analysis results and explanation are provided.
This means...
- **Official data requests should be made directly to stakeholders**, such as the utilities providing data and the the GIS program in the Office of the Lt. Governor. We are here to support those organizations, and they may point you to our repositories. All finalized data products are shared directly with stakeholders.
- **Requests for analyses should be made to the organization that led the effort**. Some analyses are limited distribution and are only transitioned directly to USVI and Federal stakeholders to support the management and disbursement of Federal funds. Some analyses are compiled into public documents, such as technical reports, research articles, and outreach materials. In both cases, detailed explanation of analyses and results are primarily provided in these documents.
For more information on official geospatial data for the Territory, please see the [GIS Program of the Lt. Governor]( "GIS Program of the Lt. Governor").
## Participants
Who is currently involved and why?\
Current users come from diverse organizations within and outside the Territory, such as:
- **Federal Partners**: FEMA, Dept. of Energy, Sandia National Labs, National Renewable Energy Labs
- **Private Partners**: Witt O'Brien's
- **Academic Partners**: Naval Postgraduate School, University of the Virgin Islands
For the full list of current people with access to this repository, please navigate to the settings > members tab on the left hand side of your screen.
What we expect you to do: As someone with access to this repository, we expect you to be one of the following types of users:
- **Guest**: you want to download the respository once as is. 
- **Reporter**: you want to track changes to the repository and download multiple times as new versions become available.
- **Developer**: you want to create new branches, share data and code, develop new data and code, or develop new analyses. You can essentially do anything except change master data files or user permissions.
- **Maintainer**: you want to control every aspect of the repository, including master data files and user permissions.
## Files
All repositories associated with the NPS USVI GitLab have the following file structure:
- **archive**: old docs, code, and data that needs to remain available as new data is created
- **code**: code and analyses
- **docs**: documentation for code, analyses, and code
- **gis**: geospatial datasets
## How to get started
- **How**: Follow [this guide]( "this guide") to download git and clone (or copy) the repository to your computer.
- **How**: For a list of useful git commands such as how to make a commit or how to switch branches, [click here]( "click here").
- **Why**: For a more detailed explanation of why we are using git and GitLab, [click here]( "click here").
- **What**: For a detailed explanation of how git works, and how it can be useful for other projects [click here]( "click here").
### Git Workflow
As you get used to working in git, it may be helpful to visualize what you are doing as a repeatable sequence of steps. In addition to the guides above, you may find the graphic below helpful for your reference:
<img src="" alt="git workflow" width=70%/>
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