Pamela's Merge Request: 09-17-2021

Pamela Dyer requested to merge Pamela_Branch_2 into master

A little less than half of the application examples have references. For the ones that do, the "fixed" reference(s) come first. So in any of those, where it says Remove this part up to the closing asterisks can be removed if you think the "fixed" references(s) look fine. There are also two that have that in the regular folder: 08 and 09.

For Manufacturing_Process: you can add something in description / search term about local scopes, if you think it's appropriate.

For Prisoner's_Dilemma: the text where it references “MP native Example 23 -- number attributes” needs to be updated, and can be done now if you think the numbering is finalized for all examples.

There are a few examples that have a small amount of text going beyond the closing comment marks, whether it's a URL or text just looks a little better all together in the title, etc. I think everything looks very good, every line of all comments sections still fits in fine on Firebird, so you can see if you think spacing all looks good.

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